Staff Productivity Report


In this section you can search for specific data i.e. 'Product Sales' to 'Reciept Breakdown' and 'Client Service Reports' to 'Staff Utilization' Ect.

To begin, select the 'Reports' tab on the toolbar. Select the button 'Productivity Reports'.

Salon Precision Trail Screen


A form will appear where you can select you dates you would like information for.

Simple select the dates you would like from and to.

When you are happy with the dates you have selected simply hit the 'Go' button.

Salon Precision Trail Screen


You will then be provided with a list of different reports you can view.

  • Product Reports
  • Till Takings
  • Customer Reports
  • Treatment/Services Report
  • Staff Reports
  • In each section there are also sub folders to breakdown your searches.

    Salon Precision Trail Screen

    4. Product Reports

    In the 'Products Report' section these are:

  • Product Sales
  • Product Breakdown
  • Stock Valuation
  • Salon Precision Trail Screen

    5. Till Takings

    In the 'Till Takings' section these are:

  • Overall Takings Report
  • Overall Till Totals Reports
  • Receipt Breakdown
  • Salon Precision Trail Screen

    6. Cutomer Reports

    In the 'Customer Reports' section these are:

  • Client Service Report
  • Client Product Report
  • New Clients Report
  • Salon Precision Trail Screen

    7. Treatment/Services Report

    In the 'Treatment/Services Report' section these are:

  • Top 10 Treatments
  • All Treatments
  • Package Sales
  • Salon Precision Trail Screen

    8. Staff Reports

    In the 'Staff Reports' section these are:

  • Staff Treatment Report
  • Staff Utilization
  • Product Sales
  • Revenue By Staff
  • Salon Precision Trail Screen


    To run another report simple click the 'Go' button and this will take you back to your main menu or use the exit button.

    NOTE: This report can be run as many times as you like.



    Salon Precision Staff Types Screen