Salon Precision Web Services

Need online booking or a website, maybe both? simple, we provide web design and hosting which can be included with your monthly support package. Keep reading to learn how...

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Our online booking application allows customers to book from your website directly into your salon precision appointment book. This clever feature reduces your time talking to clients on the phone, allowing you to focus on what you do best - providing first class services to your clients. If you're not offering online booking, you could be missing out on customers searching for your salon services after-hours.

You can decide which appointments, services and staff members are to be made available for online bookings. Your salon precision computer then keeps the online bookings calendar up to date so clients can see and select the available appointments at any time of the night or day. Your salon precision computer will notify you of any online bookings.

Yes I want online booking! In order to use online booking, you will need a fully controllable website to host your booking app. We will need access to the website’s ftp in order to build and upload your online booking application. If you are unsure, please contact a member of our team to talk you through the process.

I dont have a website! No problem, we design, build and host websites and can include it as part of your monthly support package!

Having an online presence is so important in the 21st century - a website shouldn’t just be a collection of information and images, but a well thought out and informative shop front that will attract customers and show what sets you apart from your competition! And even more importantly - its advertising your business 24/7 and allowing your customers to access your business from any location.

Each piece of bespoke software we build is carefully crafted to work exactly to how our clients business works.

Sarah Hodge Salon Management System

Lillybelle Nails - Website

We developed a completely bespoke system around one UK's largest hair and beauty groups based throughout the South West of England.

Beauty Island Sanctuary Spa Software

Lillybelle Nails - Web Booking

Beauty Island Sanctuary, required a bespoke approach for their Spa complex based in Worthing.

MG Beauty Spa Software

Sarah Hodge - Web Booking

We built a whole new product for MG Beauty, our brand new Salon Precision Clinic Edition. more info